Friday, January 15, 2010

You Can Help

Like many of you, I was heartbroken by the news of the recent, devastating earthquake in Haiti.

I've sat in front of the TV, with tears in my eyes, wondering what I could do to help. Sure, I could make a donation. But, I knew I could do more. For, I am part of a powerful movement.....the Handmade Movement. I am surrounded by artists, crafters and collectors that want to help.

With a little thought, HHH was born. It is intended to be a resource for you to find artists and crafters that are offering their support.

All of the artists participating have pledged to donate a portion, or all of their proceeds to the charity of their choice. Please note, it is up to the individual artist/crafter to follow through with their pledge. HHH is not responsible for making any donations.

So, how do you find the artists that are participating?

1. Check back here, as I will be adding links and posts about them
2. Visit and search for HHH in Tags/Titles

Help spread the word!

We have the ability to spread information quickly and easily. Please use these resources to get this going!
Twitter: use #hhh or #handmadehelpshaiti
Your own blog, websites, etc.

There is power in numbers. Please help.

Thank you!


alamodestuff said...

I'm in and thanks for doing this. I have to wrap my head around what needs to be done.

Gifted Designs said...

I'm in as well and I will be posting about this basically everywhere I am when i get home from work tonight.

Kevo said...

I am donating 75% of the sale of this "Red for Haiti" style of bracelet to an undetermined Haiti Relief organization.

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